Scaffolding Collapse on Construction Sites

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Construction workers have a dangerous job, and working on the construction scaffolding often contributes to the element of risk. To help ensure the safety of everyone involved, it’s imperative that the scaffold is in good working condition for the job at hand. The construction industry is a dangerous business, and many construction site accidents are caused by faulty scaffolding, including scaffolding that collapses. If you are injured on the job, protect your rights by retaining a New York Construction Accident Lawyer of The Rybak Firm, PLLC., today.

Construction Site Safety Guidelines

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) publishes detailed guidelines regarding scaffolding safety, and the courts generally interpret these as minimum construction-site safety standards. These standards have specific regulatory parameters:

  • All scaffolding must be capable of supporting four times the amount of weight it is expected to hold
  • Scaffolding supports must be solidly built
  • Scaffolding planks must overlap by at least 12 inches and must extend their supports by a minimum of 6 to 18 inches
  • Adequate protection must be provided for all work that’s performed overhead
  • Unsecured tools, debris, and other materials should not be allowed to collect on the scaffold
  • Lean-to and shore scaffolding are not permissible

Labor Law 240 New York Scaffold Law

Labor Law Section 240 of the New York Code requires general contractors and building owners to implement adequate safety precautions and to provide adequate safety equipment. This measure is known as the Scaffold Law, and it requires building site employers to ensure that laborers who work above ground work under safe conditions.  If such employers fail to do so, they can be found liable for ensuing accidents.

Examples of § 240 claims:

  • Falling objects – If employers or the company in charge fails to ensure all objects and materials are properly mounted and hoisted, and an injury occurs because of a falling object, the injured worker can have claims under the § 240 statutes.
  • Falling workers – Under the statute, construction workers on scaffolds must be provided with the appropriate gear such as harnesses and guardrails. If the employers fail to do so, they are in violation of this labor law.
  • Unstable material – Unsecured floorboards and railing violates the § 240 laws. Proper maintenance and site checks need to be administered to ensure the quality of the premise structures, such as stairways and decks.
  • Collapsing structures – Much like providing stable materials, employers must also check to ensure their buildings are properly built, to keep workers from falling.

“Your Rights As A Construction Worker In New York”

Your Scaffolding Accident Claim

Even under the best conditions, construction work is dangerous. If you’re working on scaffolding that is in poor condition, in disrepair, does not meet safety requirements, or is makeshift, however, the danger intensifies. If you’ve suffered a serious injury because of scaffolding that collapsed on the job, you need a skilled and experienced New York Construction Accident Attorney with experience defending scaffolding injury claims. While you probably have a viable workers’ compensation claim, you may also have a Personal Injury Claim. “Construction Accident Third-Party Injury Claims

If You’ve Been Injured by Collapsing Scaffolding, Contact Experienced New York Construction Accident Attorneys Today

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