4 Things You May Not Know About Car Accidents

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If you drive in the New York, you know car accidents have become prevalent. They’re everywhere. Driving defensively, staying alert to the traffic all around you, and obeying the rules of the road can help you stay safe out there, but it’s good to know what’s up when it comes to Car Accidents in New York.

  1. New York Is A No-Fault State

New York is a No-Fault State, which means that the law doesn’t concern itself with who’s to blame in a car accident. Since the law doesn’t attribute fault, drivers must turn to their own insurance providers for compensation, and legal action is usually unnecessary. Your insurance provider is obligated to cover your:

  • medical treatments
  • lost wages
  • specified additional expenses

There is, however, a caveat to this no-fault rule, and that is the serious injury rule. If the state deems that the injuries you incur in a car accident are serious enough, then you are free to bring a claim against the negligent party. A variety of injuries are determined serious:

  • Bone fractures
  • Dismemberment
  • Significant disfigurement
  • Pregnancy termination
  • Permanently damaged organs
  • Injuries that prohibit you from performing normal daily functions for 90 of the 180 days following the accident
  • Death

New York also allows you to bring a personal injury claim after your accident-based expenses exceed your no-fault insurance limit.

  1. Your Case Is Based on Evidence—And Evidence Is Fleeting

Your personal injury claim will probably hinge on evidence at the scene of the accident, which can disappear quickly. Furthermore, evidence that’s collected in an official capacity also has a way of disappearing with time. It’s in your best interest (even if you’re not sure whether you have a claim) to photograph the scene from every angle—including the crash, damage to the vehicles, and the area. If you can’t do it, enlist a bystander. “How to use your Mobile Phone as a tool following Car Accident?

  1. Eyewitnesses Can Be Unreliable

Memories fade (and morph) quickly. An eyewitness who corroborates your claim today may have a totally different recollection next week or next year. Take any eyewitness statements at the scene, and gather contact information. In addition, jot down exactly what happened in your own words. The stress of dealing with the aftermath of an accident can blur your memory. “Effective Witnesses in Car Accident Cases in New York

  1. Time Is Not on Your Side

With time, evidence dissipates and memories fade. New York also implements a 3 year statute of limitations. If you’ve been injured in a car accident that was caused by someone else’s negligence, consult with a knowledgeable Personal Injury Lawyer as soon as possible.

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