Motorcycle Accident In New York

Motorcycle Accident In New York

New York Motorcycle Accident Lawyer

Motorcycles are a popular alternative to operating an automobile. Unfortunately, motorcyclists are exposed to significant dangers because they share the road with cars and trucks. Unlike most motorized vehicles, motorcycles have few safety features to protect their riders from suffering a serious injury in the event of an accident. As a result, motorcycle accidents often lead to significant injuries that would otherwise be minor to other vehicles.

Motorcycle accident can occur in a considerable number of ways. In some cases, they may simply be an unforeseeable result of unfortunate circumstances. However, many motorcycle accidents are preventable, and in far too many instances, motorcycle accident occurs because of the reckless or negligent actions of another party. Fortunately, when motorcycle accident does occur, motorcyclists may be entitled to pursue compensation for any damages they incurred.

Common Causes of Motorcycle Accidents in New York

There are a number of different ways that motorcyclists may be involved in an accident due to another party’s negligence. The following are some of the most unfortunately common causes of motorcycle accidents:

These and other factors can place motorcyclists at substantial danger of suffering a serious or even life-threatening injury through no fault of their own.

Causes Of Motorcycle Accident Injuries

  1. A motorcyclist is exposed to direct impact between his/her body and the pavement or other vehicles.
  2. Motorcycles are not as stable as other vehicles given it only has two wheels
  3. Motorcycles are smaller and lighter than other motor vehicle and even a slight impact can cause major damage.
  4. Motorcycles lack the visibility of other vehicle because of their lack of bulk. Because of this, other driver may not notice or observe motorcycles and fail to yield, cut them off, follow them too closely, open their doors into them, etc.

Motorcycle Accident Laws in New York

The insurance and liability rules in New York are very different for motorcycles than for cars. A motorcycle is not a motor vehicle within the meaning of the New York No-Fault Law. Since motorcycles are exempt from the definition of motor vehicle, a motorcyclist is not a covered person under the New York No-Fault Law and is not entitled to these medical and lost wage benefits. However, motorcyclists injured in motor vehicle accidents are not subject to the “serious injury” threshold under New York No-Fault Law. Thus, a person injured on a motorcycle can bring a claim against the offending driver even for minor injuries that would normally not pass the No-Fault threshold. New York Motorcycle Insurance minimums are $25,000 per person injured in any one accident and $50,000 because of the death of one person in one accident and $50,000 for two or more persons injured in any one accident and $100,000 for the deaths of two or more persons in one accident. UM/SUM Coverage is also available to owners of motorcycles. An injured motorcyclist’s insurance policy will reveal the amount of UM/SUM coverage they have purchased and is available to them.

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