Types Of Fractures and Broken Bones As A Result Of A New York Auto Accident

New York Personal Injury Lawyer for People Who Sustained Fractures and Broken Bones in New York Auto Accidents

Fractures are common injuries in a car, truck and motorcycle accidents. Due to the force and power exerted on the body during collision and how easily the body can be thrown into contact with objects and debris. New York Car Accident Lawyers of The Rybak Firm, PLLC., have many clients who suffered serious fractures and know how expensive and painful the physical recovery process can be. Even when a broken bone doesn’t require extensive surgical intervention to heal properly, it can still limit person’s ability to work or do the things he or she enjoys until the bone is fully healed.

How Fractures Occur During Car Accident

Speed is a major factor in automotive accidents and can contribute to the severity of injuries that people suffer when involved in an auto collision. The sudden deceleration or jarring impact of a collision is capable of causing extensive harm even at lower speeds, and broken bones are a very common injury. Some of the ways that a person can suffer a fracture include the following.

  • Being thrown from a motorcycle and making impact with the ground. Motorcyclists may also fracture or shatter bones if a body part is caught between two objects such as their bike and the ground or two different vehicles.
  • A crushing impact involving a commercial vehicle. Truck accidents can result in some of the most severe and catastrophic injuries seen on the roads today. The sheer amount of power displaced when a massive truck comes into contact with a smaller vehicle is enough to bring devastation to all of the smaller vehicle’s occupants.
  • Being thrown out of a vehicle during collision. If the victim is not wearing a seatbelt, he or she may be thrown from the vehicle during a high-speed collision or rollover event. In addition to likely lacerations and trauma to internal organs, victims are likely to suffer fractures.
  • Striking an object during an auto accident. It is a common defense mechanism for passengers to throw their hands on front of their faces during an accident, which can result in broken fingers, hands and wrists. Being thrown into or caught between objects are also common causes of fractures and shattered bones.

Types of Fractures Frequently Associated With Auto Accidents

There are many different forms of fractures, and each injury requires treatment specific to the type of injury and its location. All fractures are classified as either simple or compound before a more specific classification can be provided. A simple fracture occurs beneath the skin and does not result in any lacerations or protrusion of the bone from the flesh while compound fractures occur when the bone exits the body at some point during the injury. Before a doctor can prescribe a treatment plan for a fracture, it is important to identify what type of fracture it is and what methods must be used to set the bones back into place.

Here’s a quick look at the bones you’re most likely to break in a car crash:

  • Tibia/Fibula Fracture – Broken legs can occur if the leg area in the car crumples during the accident.
  • Femur Fracture – Despite being one of the strongest bones in the body, the femur can fracture during a high-impact collision.
  • Rib Fractures – Rib fractures are fairly common, and can be caused by the airbag or seatbelt.
  • Hip Fracture – Some physicians will tell you that a hip fracture is the most commonly fractured area in a car accident.
  • Pelvis Fracture – Pelvis fractures tend to occur in bad motorcycle accidents, but they also occur in car crashes.
  • Facial/Skull Fracture – These scary injuries can occur if a person strikes the windshield because they weren’t wearing a seatbelt.
  • Wrist Fractures – Your wrist is comprised of many fragile bones, so it’s no surprise that they can be easily fractured during a car accident.
  • Back Fracture –Fractured disks are another common fracture in head-on and rear-impact collisions.
  • Clavicle Fractures – The clavicle is more fragile than other bones in your body, so it’s susceptible to breaking during a crash.
  • Arm Fractures – Arm fractures can occur as a person tries to brace themselves for a collision.


Broken bones rarely pose any immediate danger to a victim’s life, but they can keep the victim sidelined for a significant period until the fracture is healed. Some fractures are far more difficult or painful to treat and may cause considerable pain and suffering throughout the recovery process. This is why it is important for you to pursue all avenues available to recover the compensation you need and deserve after a car, truck or motorcycle accident. You are entitled to recover damages for the cost of your immediate medical treatment as well as long-term care and surgical procedures, and can also recover compensation for the value of your lost wages, out of pocket expenses and pain and suffering.

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