Suffered Broken Glass and Windshield Injuries In New York Car Accident?

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Many car accident victims in the New York City area suffer extensive injury from broken glass. Broken glass can cause a significant threat to passengers, and even to pedestrians who are just innocent bystanders and were not in the vehicle when the accident occurred. Flying broken glass at high speeds may kill or injure a bystanders in an instant.

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Common Broken Glass Injury

Injury from broken glass is usually the result of the forces generated by the car accident. Two vehicles colliding at slow speeds can create a catastrophic problem involving the glass. Even though new car designs by automotive manufacturers include windshields equipped not to shatter, the design is not always effective during high-velocity crashes.

In addition, rear and side windows are not crafted with the same material as the windshield, and typically cannot withstand high impact forces. Broken glass shards from the rear and side windows can fly in nearly every direction during the impact of the crash. Victims suffering broken glass injuries are generally defenseless and completely vulnerable when sitting inside the vehicle the time of the collision.

Some of the injuries involved may include deep level laceration, surface level cut, shock, severed limb, and fatality caused by excessive bleeding. Each one specifically includes:

  • Deep Level Laceration – These types of lacerations are often the result of the penetration of the glass into the skin. The sharp glass pieces create wounds and cuts in muscle fibers and underlying skin tissue, and at times can go all the way to the bone. These types of lacerations can be extremely dangerous for numerous reasons including the potential of amputation caused by infection and/or permanent disfigurement.
  • Surface Level Cut– Less severe injuries caused by broken glass are often referred to as surface level cuts. Surface cuts happen when the skin is torn or cut without penetrating into the deeper body tissue. These types of injuries typically require minimal treatment, which might involve wound cleaning, stitches or other methods for stopping the bleeding.
  • Shock – It is highly common for a victim of a car accident to undergo psychological trauma after the collision experience. This is especially true when victims become aware that some part of their body is bleeding profusely as a result of broken glass injuries. A victim in shock causes trauma that is more difficult to control. Car crash victims experiencing shock can easily die if the condition is not handled immediately and properly.
  • Severed Limb – Broken glass shards are usually sharp and large enough to penetrate through tissue and bone, completely severing the limb of the victim involved in a car accident. Individuals suffering severed arteries are particularly vulnerable to a variety of medical conditions that might require the limb to be amputated.
  • Fatality – Victims often bleed profusely when broken glass shards cut arteries in the leg or neck. Death by bleeding can happen in moments, when medical help arrives too late.

After You Heal From The Cuts Left From Broken Glass: Scarring and Pain May Remain

Many victims that suffer injury from broken glass deal with a variety of health problems after the healing process is complete. Broken glass can easily deform or scar the body leaving noticeable reminders of the accident on the face, neck, hands and other parts of the victim’s body. When scar tissue is not allowed to heal correctly, the injured party can suffer lifelong pain.

In addition, any time glass penetrates the skin, there is a potential of increased risk of infection. Victims can suffer staph infections and boils in areas where glass remains in the body. Injured car accident victims also have potential increased risk of developing staph infections in open wounds, which can be fatal if not properly managed.

Your Legal Options for the Injuries Caused by a Broken Windshield or a Window in New York Auto Accident

Car accident victims suffering injuries from broken glass caused by the negligent actions of others can file a legal claim or lawsuit against the responsible parties such as individuals who caused the car accident or an entity such as auto manufacturer due to defective design.

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