Motorcycle Accidents Caused by Defective Bike Parts or Design in New York

Motorcycle Accidents Caused by Defective Bike Parts or Design in New York

Motorcycle Accident Lawyer NYC Representing Injured Victims of Accidents in New York

Defective bike parts or defective bike design can have dire consequences for the owner of that bike and any passengers who may ride it. A single defective part can lead to losing control of the motorcycle and crashing. When a defective part or bike design causes a motorcycle accident in New York, the liability for the accident falls to the parts manufacturer or the motorcycle company itself.

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What are some of the most common ways defects cause motorcycle accidents?

A number of defects can lead to motorcycle crashes. Some of the most common include:

Brake defects
Brake defects, improper installation, or other maintenance-related problems can make it impossible to slow down or stop. This poses an obvious risk to the biker, as well as to other motorists.

Depending on the reason for the brake failure, the parts manufacturer, the motorcycle manufacturer, or even the garage that installed the brakes may be at fault.

Tire defects
While most people think of tire defects as a problem with passenger cars, defective tires can be an even bigger problem for motorcycles.

Often, the defects cause the tread to separate from the tire, causing a blowout. Most bikers are unable to maintain control when this occurs, leading to a serious crash.

Fuel system defects
Problems with the fuel system often lead to burns, due to the exposed nature of the system and the close proximity of the rider’s body and lower extremities. Injuries to the legs are most common.

Other manufacturing defects
Every part of a motorcycle plays an important role in the proper operation of the bike. If a part is missing, installed incorrectly, or made of weak metal, the problem can lead to malfunctions, breaking and even crashes. Weak or defective handlebars are especially common, as well as especially dangerous.

Defective design
In most cases of defective design, the bike’s designers failed to notice that the design was inherently dangerous. Often, bikes with defective designs are hard to control, leading to an increased risk of crashing.

Who is liable when a defect causes a motorcycle accident ?

Who is liable after a defective bike design or defective part causes a crash depends on the nature of the accident. Most commonly, it is the motorcycle company, parts manufacturer, or company tasked with maintenance who is responsible for this type of crash.

However, under New York law, it could be many different parties. It may be any company who played a role in the design, manufacture, marketing, shipping, or selling of the motorcycle.

Motorcycle Accident Lawyer NYC can help you determine who is responsible for your injuries, and build a strong case against them to ensure you get the compensation you deserve.

How do I prove negligence in motorcycle accident?

Because it would be almost impossible for an individual to prove that a corporation such as a motorcycle manufacturer was negligent, New York and many other states handle this type of case somewhat differently than most personal injury claims.

A concept known as strict liability typically applies in a defective parts or design case. This means that the manufacturer is liable for injuries caused by their product, even if there is no proof of its negligence or careless actions. Strict liability applies when:

  • The motorcycle failed to operate in a safe manner.
  • The rider used the bike in the proper way, or a way the manufacturer could foresee bikers riding.
  • There are no alterations to the motorcycle that change the way the bike operates.

Essentially, as long as you can prove the motorcycle was inherently dangerous, you can hold the at-fault party liable.

How can Motorcycle Accident Lawyer of The Rybak Firm, PLLC., help?

The Rybak Firm, PLLC., represents the victims of motorcycle accidents in New York. If you suffered injuries in a motorcycle crash, there is no need to meet the “serious” injury threshold to file an insurance claim or lawsuit against the responsible party. If your crash occurred due to a defective bike design or part, we can help you determine who is liable and hold that party responsible for your injuries.

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