Personal Injury Caused By Property

You have slipped on a long patch of ice outside of the local grocery store, and now you’re stuck with an injured back and broken elbow. The neighbor’s mail ended up in your mailbox and, while returning the mail to its proper owner, their dog rushes out of the house and attacks you. Who is responsible for the hospital bill when you have to go get stitches? Will there be coverage for you to speak to a therapist about the mental trauma caused by this situation?

here are so many scenarios that fall under Personal Injury by Property! Without an attorney to help you interpret the law, it can be a tricky process to navigate. It is recommended that, as soon as you can after an injury occurs, you contact an attorney to help you begin the process of receiving compensation for your injuries. While it can be emotionally difficult to seek compensation from friends, family, and neighbors you must keep in mind that it was their original responsibility to provide a safe environment for those on their property.

At this point, you may be wondering what an attorney can do for you to help you in a seemingly straight-forward personal injury case. Here is a quick glance at some of the tasks an attorney will help you with in pursuing compensation for your injuries:

Attorney Duties:

  • Ensure you remain within the statute of limitation time frame,
  • Interpret complicated laws and policies in relation to your case,
  • Schedule and organize meetings, cases, etc.,
  • Represent only you and look out for your best interests,
  • Seek fair and reasonable compensation for your injury and troubles.
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