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One of the greatest things about New York is the changing of the seasons. As the temperatures and weather patterns change during the year, so will the activities in which you participate. Also changing are the risks of certain types of accidents and injuries. While some accidents can happen at any point during the year, certain hazards may present greater risks during different seasons.

What Are Common Accidents In The Fall?

With the weather getting cooler, many people want to get outside and enjoy the crispness in the air. This means playing sports, riding bicycles, or simply walking more places instead of hopping in cabs. Pedestrians and bicyclists are more exposed to injuries in the event of a crash and can experience serious losses as a result. Fall also brings the start of school for many young New Yorkers, exposing them to potential school bus accidents, playground injuries, and more.

What Are Common Accidents In The Winter?

With winter comes the holiday season— as well as snow and ice. Winter weather can wreak havoc on the roads in New York, making traffic even more treacherous than it already is, so the number of traffic and pedestrian accidents can increase. In addition, the holiday season comes with its own risks, including slip and fall accidents while shopping in overcrowded stores or getting hit by drunk drivers on their ways home from holiday celebrations.

What Are Common Accidents In The Spring?

Everyone wants to experience springtime in New York, so the number of visitors and tourists often increases. People who are unfamiliar with our city often make mistakes when crossing the street or driving, which can result in serious accidents and injuries. Cases resulting from visitor-related accidents can be complicated depending on the circumstances. In addition, many families may take vacations for spring break and can be involved in accidents involving:

  • Planes
  • Road trips
  • Hotels or resorts
  • Water-related activities

What Are Common Accidents In The Summer?

New York heats up in the summer, and the pool is a popular destination. Whether you go to a private or public swimming pool, owners have the duty to keep the pool and surrounding areas in safe conditions and in compliance with all applicable state and federal safety requirements. If a swimming pool area contains dangerous hazards or conditions, visitors can incur serious injuries and may even drown. Boating accidents are also a concern in the summertime in New York, because boat operators may be distracted or drunk and may cause serious accidents and injuries as a result.

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