Herniated Disc Sustained In Car Accident in Brooklyn NY

Herniated Disc Sustained In Car Accident in Brooklyn NY

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Twenty-six individual vertebrae, each cushioned by a gel-like disc, comprise your spine. While these discs are strong, they are prone to rupturing or herniating when the spine experiences extreme stress. You can easily suffer a herniated disc in a car accident if your spine twists or if the impact places too much pressure on the spine.

What are the symptoms and complications of herniated discs caused by Car Accident?

The main herniated disc symptom is back pain. Other herniated disc symptoms can include:

  • Weakness in one leg or arm
  • Tingling in one leg or arm
  • Burning pain in the shoulders, neck, or arm
  • Loss of bladder or bowel control

Herniated discs can also cause degenerative disc disease (DDD). The symptoms of DDD are very similar to herniated disc symptoms. DDD is incurable and can last for years or for a lifetime.

Can I recover compensation for a herniated disc cause by a car accident?

While many people only consider the medical costs of a car accident injury claim, there are several other potential damages to consider.

Lost Wages

Most people with herniated discs require time off from work to rest and recover from the pain. If surgery is necessary, recovery can take several weeks. Depending on the nature of your job, you may be unable to return to full duty or return at all if your job places any strain on your spine. This could mean you are unable to return to anything from a desk job to a job in construction.

You may also lose out on a promotion or other business opportunity. Fortunately, these are also compensable.

Long-term Needs

You should also consider your long-term needs. Even after acute treatment, a herniated disc can cause ongoing pain when sleeping, sitting, or standing. You may need to invest in special pillows, chairs, or shoes to help alleviate pressure on the discs in your spine. If your back pain continues and makes it difficult to drive, you may even need to hire a professional to do your shopping or pick your kids up from school.

Loss of Enjoyment

There is also the potential for loss of enjoyment of life. Active people who suffer a herniated disc may be unable to resume their favorite activities such as tennis, baseball, or other sports. If your injury causes chronic pain, side effects from pain management drugs and depression may occur.

Before You Settle Your Claim, Consider All of Your Needs

Your insurance settlement should cover more than just medical costs. If your insurer refuses to compensate you for the loss of income and lost earning potential when applicable, do not accept the settlement. You may also want to consult an experienced New York Car Accident Lawyer to discuss your right to recover compensation for the damages sustained in an accident.

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